Sunday, July 3, 2016


Not necessary that every thing we see around in our daily lives, which is beautiful and also attractive , give us inner peace of mind and heart. There are so many places i visited, so many people i met and so many things i did in life. Some of it turn out to be good, as it gave me inner peace of mind and happiness. but this particular incident is a bit different from all those, How its different? Well, its just that i dint take any effort for this to happen. Just like that, right in front of my eyes. It was purely accidental that i saw this and that too in front of my work place. It turned to be one of the very smallest but really beautiful sight of my life.

i was walking through "karama"- (A small sub town of Dubai) park side, Back to my car after work. Its usually very rushy during this time of the evening as everybody will be in hurry to get back to home and also metro was very close by. On the way, I noticed two siblings walking ahead of me. One might be age of 4 years and other almost 7 years. Their mom was walking ahead and this two kids following them. I noticed this little sisters as it was realy cute the way they walked . As we went ahead, the crowd slowly started increasing and as we reached front of the main market and bus stop area, the crowd and rush turned realy heavy. It was  a zebra cross,a bus stop, and also market place, all of this surrounded area and office leaving hours, In that sudden bust , the mom got a little ahead while these two siblings were stranded back in between the crowd. I was a bit behind them and i saw the elder one gettng panicked as she couldnt see the mom front of them, i saw that tensed and alone look in her eyes. She was starting to panic as both of them were alone in the middle of  a main street surrounded by a huge crowd of unknown people. It was a sad situation and i started to think, may be i should go ahead and help them and i began to speed my walking but again i was getting stranded not able to go ahead due to the rush.Then as i noticed and saw that beautiful sight, The younger girl with a smile caught the Elder ones hand. She caught it so tight that i saw the pain and frustrated face in the elder one slowly vanished. Her tensed eyes suddenly got converted to a smile and after looking each other with confidence, together they walked ahead, In the rush together without leaving each other's hand they walked, i saw that people which were two times huge as them made ways for them to walk, the cars stopped with ease in the zebra cross. They walked ahead and finally they saw their mom waiting at the end of the road.

All of us are not created equally in this world, What blessing i have in life, its not necessary that my sibling have the same. Same way what blessing they have in life,not necessary that i have it. Life is complicated. we never know how life will treat us. It might go real cruel and bad at times. Life will be challenging.  One thing i know for sure is , if we stay together with our family and siblings. There is nothing that we cant fight. instead of not being together , if this sisters decide to go separate ways to find their mom. The story would have been different and it would have gone complicated in ways we cant imagine. But they decided to stay together. fight together and find together. And in the togetherness i just have a small paragraph of cuteness. Together we win the battles of life.

They are kids, but they showed me life.


  1. True to the core....there is no greater blessing than having a family that stays together & prays together

  2. True to the core....there is no greater blessing than having a family that stays together & prays together

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  4. Im sure u wud never leave ur sibling's side😉

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